Diamond Hone Sharpener 320 knife sharpener

diamond hone sharpener

Product Description:

Diamond hone sharpener 320 is a professional electric 2- stage knife Sharpener. It is used to sharpen both straight and serrated knives as compared to factory edges. It works quickly in just a minute.

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Chef’s Choice:

It is a 2-stage sharpener with precision angle control. It can work on both edges, Straight or serrated.


It is 100% fine diamond Abrasives at Stage-1. It is used to create the bevel. At Stage-2 Ultra hones the edge using advanced micron size 100% diamond abrasive. So, I completed the second level.

Arch-shaped edges:

Diamond hone sharpener 320 2-stages sharpening provides you arch-shaped edges. It provides you faster and strong long-lasting results than hollow ground or conventional “V” edges.

Foolproof results:

It automatically adjusts the position and stabilizes the knife as you sharpen for fast. It gives you foolproof results.

Secure Grip:

A smooth and soft-touch handle grip.


It takes 110 volts.

Polished knife-edge

Patented flex stropping disks in the finishing stage creates an unparalleled polished knife edge.


It is a less expensive sharpener. But contain all necessary features.


The material used in manufacturing is well. Proudly manufactured by the USA.

Compact Size:

This Sharpener comes in a compact size. It’s 8-1/2inches width*height: 4×4. Its weight is 4.28 lb The size of the sharpener is small enough that you can bring it to camping or any tour.


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