Chef’s choice 46097000 commonly known as Chef’s Choice 460 is a professional quality knife sharpener. It sharpens your dull knife and converts it to a Professional chef knife. This sharpener has all the essential features that keep your knife sharpeners blade consistent. Some key features of Chef’s choice 460 knife sharpener are as under;

Chef’s Choice:

It is a professional quality knife sharpener of 2 stage sharpener for any Straight edge or serrated knives.

Easy to Use:

Follow the guide for stage 1. Just grip the handle and put the blade on the sharpener. Just draw a straight edge blade back and forth. Bezel It at least 50 times.


It can work as a kitchen knife and can be used for outdoor and pocket knives.


It is 100% diamond abrasives. It is used in two stages. One stage is used Sharp edge and 2nd precision sharpening angle guides.

Secure Grip:

A smooth and soft-touch handle grip.


It is a less expensive sharpener. But contain all necessary features.


It comes in black and silver plastic. The material used in manufacturing is well. Proudly manufactured by the USA.

Compact Size:

This Sharpener comes in a compact size. It’s 6-12 inches by 2-¼ inches. The size of the sharpener is small enough that you can bring it to camping or any tour.

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