Most people just call it the wall behind their sink. Some just call it a wall inside their house. But it has a striking name, and it’s “kitchen backsplash”. 

It may mostly be an unnoticed or undervalued portion of the kitchen, yet a kitchen backsplash functions admirably inside houses. From its looks to its services, a kitchen backsplash is fantastic! 

Learn more about its awesome purposes and features by knowing the good it can do. Here are 5 splendid benefits of a kitchen backsplash.  

1 – A kitchen backsplash protects and preserves the walls.

Walls are thick, tough and reliable. They last strong for countless years. Nevertheless, there are factors that affect their quality and their appearance. 

With the help of a kitchen backsplash, you can protect and preserve your beloved walls. You know that water splashes to the walls behind your sink whenever you are washing the dishes. Although that seems fine, it can actually damage the walls deep inside them. The kitchen backsplash serves as a shield to prevent water and moisture from entering the walls.

It covers the walls from the adverse effects of oil splatters that blemish them. Even food particles and leftovers that accidentally get splashed or spilled to the walls cannot pass through. Moreover, pests, such as cockroaches, cannot invade walls with kitchen backsplashes.    

2 – It makes cleaning less of a hassle.

Cleaning is an inevitable duty in the kitchen. Whatever kitchen activity you do, cleaning up is part of it. 

Have a kitchen backsplash installed to your home to reduce your cleaning tasks. It makes cleaning less of a hassle since most materials are resistant to water. It is quick and easy to wipe them with dry or wet fabric. What’s more, it’s stain-resistant as well, so no worries about repainting walls or refurbishing them from time to time. Just wow! 

3 – Add a kitchen backsplash for a stylish kitchen look.

If you want to prettify your kitchen and add a stylish look to it, besides a cool countertop and cabinetry, go for a kitchen backsplash. Just because it is situated in the busy and often-messy kitchen does not mean it cannot be gorgeous!   

There are a variety of tiles, prints, patterns and colors to choose from! You may have your kitchen backsplash tiles customized as you please. Match them perfectly with your kitchen countertops! Let your new home builders know what design you want your exclusive backsplash to have, and they will make it happen.  

4 – A kitchen backsplash can make a focus point.

Give your interiors an impressive texture. A kitchen backsplash can make a focus point in your cooking and dining areas. It can be an eye-catcher and a head-turner in your seemingly simple kitchenette. 

5 – This lessens your need to buy many kitchen decors.

Because a kitchen backsplash is already so posh and ornate on its own, you do not have to set so many hanging and standing decorations in the kitchen. This lessens your expenses and allows you to save money for other kitchen improvements and additions. To boost, it saves you useful space!



There you have it! Indeed, a kitchen backsplash has loads of advantages for homeowners like you. It allows you to boost the beauty of your home as it enables you to work better in the kitchen. Lovely! 

For your house that’s soon to be built or for your house that’s up for renovation, consider a really functional and fabulous kitchen backsplash! Speak with your reliable new home builders or kitchen renovation experts to make your dream kitchen come to life. 

Splash awesomeness to your kitchen with a backsplash that gives you delight!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.
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