Everyone knows the benefits of having a standing table, including the promotion of healthy posture, however in case you locate that you’re feeling sore or fatigue after the use of your table, that`s no good.

What you need to know is that you need a standing table mat.  While you would possibly count on that is like a normal mat or rug, it`s a whole lot extra than that.

What, exactly, is a standing table mat? This is a mat which you place under your feet while you`re standing in the front of your table. 

While it’d appear like an useless purchase, this kind of mat assist you to to lessen tiredness while you`re running for lengthy hours. It`s now no longer simply encouraged in your table at paintings, as you may use it in lots of different places, inclusive of your kitchen or laundry room or each time you`re doing paintings even as status!

Here are the ten high-quality status table mats to boom your consolation and assist your body.

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You`ve bought a standing table and also you honestly love it, however you can`t break out the ache and soreness you experience for your frame after the use of it. This fezibo status table mat is strong, tough, and snug so that you won`t must enjoy that anymore.

This table mat has been ergonomically designed. It has an 8.5-inch tilting perspective to make status on it for lots hours comfortable. You may even use this standing table mat at some stage in sporting activities which include planks and squats to make it even extra versatile.

The stability board produces a low-effect rocking motion that`s mild and calming. It has a non-slip elastic floor so that you can put on socks whilst standing on it. As a bonus, it even comes with anti-fatigue foot rubdown factors to increase your comfort.

This table mat is portable, way to its handy convey hole, so that you can tour with it or pass it from one location with inside the domestic to another. The floor of the mat isn’t level, which a few humans have stated places strain on their ankles.


This anti-fatigue floor mat boasts a variety of body-supporting features, making it ideal for a variety of uses. It is also designed to be comfortable and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

This tabletop standing  mat is made  of sturdy foam for added comfort when standing for extended periods of time. Designed to be strong and durable. It is stain-resistant and easy to care for. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off. The low-profile, beveled edges of the

Standing mat follow the contours of the floor for a sleek, smooth look. There are massage points where you can  massage your feet. There are also beveled wedges. Durable to tilt your legs slightly to avoid straining your legs, ankles or calves.


The first anti-fatigue mat  designed for standing tables. It has a calf rack to strengthen your shins, so you can spend time at the gym, even if you do a lot of work at your desk.

This upright desk mat is made of  comfortable pu material  and ergonomically designed to provide more support. It also has protruding side rails that can be used to train tired legs.

The center of the mat has a teardrop shape that massages the soles of the feet to relieve pain. You can easily place the mat under the table with one foot, which is convenient when you need to move from a sitting position to a standing position.


This standing table mat, like the other fezibo rugs we covered in our review, has an 8.5″ recline angle to prevent fatigue. It is made of odorless, non-toxic, high-density latex  and has ridges that  can be used to massage your feet when you are tired.

This mat has anti-fatigue support to provide comfortable support for your feet as well as use it to massage the arch of your feet. It comes with a carrying hook so you can take it with you wherever you go. These hooks also make it easy to move the rug from one part of the house to another.

The floor has a non-slip treatment, so it does not slip even when standing, and  it does not scratch the floor. People who bought it said it was too narrow for tall people to use. If you are tall, we recommend that you buy a size larger than a medium size.


This standing desk mat has a higher weight limit than any mat on our review list. This swing or balance board will keep your core and legs active. It slides under the desk and slides out easily, giving you an 8.5 degree tilt angle whenever you want. Made from natural hardwood and has an anti-slip pu coating to prevent slipping while standing. Ergonomic design for more comfort and support.

Durable, high-density latex material that can be worn with any shoe. The top of the balance board has a textured pressure point. You can use it to massage your feet so  they don’t hurt. It has a scratch-resistant rubber base. This will protect the floor.


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